Saturday, December 17, 2011


Ever since I was a small child, I realized I saw the world differently.  Not just because I was shorter than most people, but, as a friend later pointed out, I am quirky.  I like this term much better than the one appointed me by the bullies in my life.  Words like "annoying" or "weird" or even the distasteful "immature."  These words are harsh and judgmental.  Quirky.  Now, that's a very fun sounding word.  Like "eccentric."  Much better choice descriptions from our lexicon.

So... to start a blog.  How fun!  I was driving home last night after an absolutely fantabulous evening when I just had the notion I need to write.  It was like an itching under the skin.  Please, world, let me get my thoughts out there somehow.  Hmm... why not start a blog?  There are plenty of people out there doing it.  (And many whom should not be doing it.)  So, why not me?

This blog will be my own little world.  I love little things and this will be my little contribution to life.  The place where I get to dispense forth my own little opinions on how I see and feel things should be in the world.  My place for my own little opinions.  My own lil' world.


  1. Ha! I'm your first follower :) Welcome to the blogosphere. I love your quirkiness. Don't change a thing. For anyone. Ever.